About Me

Kobe Sam in front of a lagoon in a suit with a flat brim cap on.

Vision, Mission, & Values

Vision: A world in which people are unapologetically themselves.

Mission: Act intentionally to improve the lives of myself and those around me

Values: Generosity, Learning, Conscientiousness, Presence, Company, Gratitude



I am Kobe. I am building this site to record my thoughts and to share my personal insights with you.

My life is centred around entrepreneurship, leadership, and academia. Throughout my life, I have built a breadth of skills by playing sports, working jobs, attending school, and exploring the world. 

Ten years from now, you will find me working on passion projects, based on my values, vision, and mission.

Today, you can find me acquiring the skills, knowledge, and resources to make that a reality. I am currently a BBA candidate and teaching assistant at SFU’s Beedie School of Business, a manager at a Dairy Queen, a case competitor on the entrepreneurship team for SFU JDC West, and an avid golfer.

Find Me Elsewhere On The Web

My Youtube: Kobe Creates

My Studying Instagram: @studywithkobe

My Golf Instagram: @kobegolfs

My LinkedIn: Kobe Sam

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