Mini Assignment #2: A Post About My Friend Kobe

Hi everyone. My name is Matthew M. Murdock. My friend Kobe asked if I was interested in making a guest post for him, as he told me he was getting started on his blog and I figured why not. So here I am.

Who I Am

The first thing you should know about me is that I am blind. For that reason, please forgive any lack of visual appeal this post may have, I myself cannot see it so I have chosen to neglect any effort to make it look nice.

By day, I am a lawyer with my own firm, a partnership called Nelson and Murdock. I specialize and criminal law and enjoy doing a lot of pro-bono work because I care deeply about improving the community in which I grew up, Hell’s Kitchen. I have faith in the law’s ability to keep society in order and commit my days to act in this service.

By night, I may or may not be the superhero known as Daredevil, or “the man without fear”. As a child, I was trained by a man named Sticks and was able to realize my blindness as an ability as opposed to an impairment. Since then, I have used my abilities to help the police in Hell’s Kitchen. This way I contribute to improving my neighbourhood day and night. (p.s. please do not tell anyone that I am Daredevil.)

What I Have to Say About Kobe

My friend Kobe is an outstanding young multi-hyphenate talent who is going to change the world. His vision of a world in which people are unapologetically themselves, may seem ambitious, but to me, it only seems logical.

Kobe is a student at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. With his Bachelor’s of Business Administration, he is focusing in Strategic Analysis and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Kobe has told me that on this site he is going to be sharing his own advice and research on entrepreneurship and academia, as someone who has used Kobe as a business consultant for Nelson and Murdock, I highly advise that you check out his work. He is conscientious, constantly improving, and always learning.

How I met Kobe, is something that I will have to keep a secret, but I can say that it was certainly through a heroic effort.

Finally, I would like to thank Kobe for having me on his blog. I hope to post again sometime soon!


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