Regarding the Place Occupied by

Place in the Context of Business

In business, place is one of the four Ps of marketing (the four others being product, price, and promotion).

In marketing, place is all about the holistic process which ends with users experiencing or receiving the product. is a product. A product with a distinct place.

Where Is

Another marketing concept, that I would like to introduce is the concept of positioning statements. Positioning statements can be used to express the place in which a product or brand takes in a person’s mind or they can be used to describe the position a product or brand takes in a market.’s Positioning Statement is a place where people interested in learning about entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyle design, and academia can go to read up on some cool topics around those ideas. It is different from typical learning platforms and posts about entrepreneurship online, because it is personal and curated by myself!

How Can People Get to

To describe how people get to, I have created an infographic.

Infographic describing how people end up at via social media. The process is described in the paragraph after

As you can see, I foresee most people getting to as a consequence of scrolling through social media. This will occur because I will soon be creating a Instagram account, to promote my website. After they see the post, I anticipate they will view my profile, then click a link and as a result end up at Is Not Just a Place, Its a Vehicle

In this post, I have described as a place. However, it is not just a place because is also moving.

In my post last week titled Regarding the Creation of this Site , I detailed a vision, a world in which people are unapologetically themselves. is merely a means of pushing the world towards that vision of mine.

For me, is a place that I will be moving by recording my own thoughts, experiences, opinions, values, analysis, learnings, and more.

I greatly look forward to posting more and continuing to share with you my journey through life and towards my vision.

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