Mini-Assignment #4: Remix Something


As part of the class that I am taking which has resulted in the creation of the website you are viewing, I must complete some mini-assignments. 

This post is one of those mini-assignments. 

The instructions for this mini-assignment were straightforward and to the point. They simply said

“Remix something”

This post is the culmination of this prompt.

It is widely claimed that Pablo Picasso said “good artists borrow, and great artists steal”; here is my attempt at stealing great art to create my own.

What I Am Remixing

Remix means “mix again”.

Mix means to combine or put together.

For this assignment, I have made the decision that I am going to create an album cover that represents Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus. The two items I am combining are album covers (pieces of art I absolutely love) and my school (a place that I absolutely love). ]

Album covers are often used to provide a basic overview of the messaging an album is describing in its music, but in this case, I will be using it to provide a basic overview of SFU Burnaby Campus.

The Result

(background photo by Ujjwal Arora, taken from

Understanding the Design

The Centerpiece “🏔 + 📚 = 🎓”

The equation at the centre of the cover was created to represent the typical student experience at Simon Fraser University.

The mountain representing Burnaby Mountain (where SFU Burnaby Campus is located), the books representing the classes students take, and the graduation cap representing graduation (the outcome of attending Simon Fraser University for most students).

The Background

Behind the centrepiece, is a background. This background is an image of the Academic Quadrangle building at Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus. It is dimmed to create contrast with the centrepiece, and blurred to represent how quickly my time at Simon Fraser University seems to be going by.

The Simon Fraser University Logo

I placed the logo where one may often see a parental advisory logo on albums. This was done intentionally to fill that space and to explain where this image is, Simon Fraser University or simply SFU.

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