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What Makes for Great Content

Great content puts the audience in a better place than they were prior to engaging with the content.

It does this by providing the audience with some form of value. Content typically does this with information. Information can take many forms, a few examples include stories, statistics, and testimonials. 

As the sole writer for, I do firmly believe that’s content provides value to its audience. In speaking to others about my writing, they all have told me that they have come away from my articles thinking about the concepts and ideas that I have presented. It is worth noting, however, that they may just say that to me; for they might think it awkward to tell me my content sucks to my face.

What the Content of Has Been Thus Far


So far, has simply been a blog. Every post that I have shared has primarily been text-based (except for one video I was required to do for an assignment). Moving forward on this site, I would like to make better use of the various media that the internet allows for and may explore different formats such as podcasts or vlogs. 


A majority of the posts on this site have been created for the class In posts made for this class, I have shared my distinct business background-based interpretation of concepts we have learned in the class.

I have also been creating some posts that are focused on learning new business topics relative to entrepreneurship. This semester I am a part of a club in which I am learning to do Shark Tank / Dragons Den style pitch presentations and have been trying my best to share what I have learned with the readers of this site. Unfortunately, this area of my site is not as well developed as I would like and is certainly an area I need to improve moving forward.

In a few brief posts I have also discussed lifestyle, this is another underdeveloped area of my site that can be greatly improved moving forward.

The Content Needs Moving Forward

When creating this site I envisioned four main categories of content: entrepreneurship, lifestyle, leadership, and academia. Thus far, academia is the most developed aspect of this site and the leadership category is no longer even a part of the menu on the site. 

The different types of content to create were based around areas I was interested in studying this semester and the lack of content in certain areas shows that I have not been learning about those areas as much as I would like to.

Moving forward, it will be essential to develop extensive content on entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and leadership, while continuing to share different things that I have learned in academia.

I will also work on exploring additional media formats such as podcasts and vlogs. 

What is today is a good start, but moving forward has a lot of room for improvement and will constantly improve.

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