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Driver: Virtue. Doing good, for the sake of doing good. Going above and beyond expectations. Constantly improving the lives of myself and those around me.

Vision: A world in which people are unapologetically themselves.

Mission: Improve the lives of those around me by working conscientiously with intent of creating results.

The Role of this Site


This site exists as a record. A record of my own thoughts, experiences, opinions, values, analysis, learnings, and more. Ultimately, this site is a depiction of me.


A distinct feature of the human species is our ability to communicate complex and coherent ideas. This feature has enabled us to progress as a species and culminated in the world we live in today. Through this site, I will share my own ideas that will contribute to the progress of society.


Discipline breeds progress. On this site, I will be disciplined. By posting weekly, I share one unique idea that can help you continue on your journey of continuous learning.


This site is organized into four major categories (entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyle, and academia), and two dynamic pages (my toolkit, and about me).

About the Categories

The four categories were decided based on their importance to me in achieving my vision.

Entrepreneurship: The Lean Startup by Erik Ries, defines an entrepreneur as someone who works in an organization designed to create new products under extreme uncertainty. Entrepreneurs create structure where there was none. I chose entrepreneurship, because understanding it enables individuals to innovate and improve the world.

Leadership: Everywhere in life, we deal with people. People are incredibly power drivers of change. Understanding leadership, allows for individuals to innovate and improve the world.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle design is about creating the life which best suits one and their objectives. Exploring different concepts regarding lifestyle, will culminate in me having improved empathy for those around me and allow me to be the architect of my own life.

Academia: Academia is an incredibly important part of my life. My school, Simon Fraser University, is currently the primary place I learn. I take courses at school that will provide me with knowledge to navigate life. While I do keep detailed notes, they are decentralized. Sharing key learnings on this site will create a centralized database of my learnings available to me and others.

About the Dynamic Pages

My Toolkit: Is a place in which I will describe the key tools and resources I use to live my life.

About Me: Is a page describing who I am as a person.

WHY DYNAMIC: These pages are dynamic because I am dynamic. I am always changing what I use, how I do things, and how I think of things. As a result, these pages are dynamic and continuously updated.


The framework of this website acts as a finished product (although it may be changed in the future). The theme was chosen to match the websites purpose, and the categories chosen to provide structure.

Moving forward, the website will be continuously updated with new posts.


The Lean Startup by Erik Ries, is a fantastic book which prescribes a process for entrepreneurs to follow in pursuit creating a sustainable business amidst high uncertainty. Link to purchase the book on Amazon.

The concept of Ikigai, is one that has been central in attempting to understand my own purpose. Subsequently, this site’s partly based on it. Link to information about the concept.

Matt D’Avella creates lifestyle design contact on Youtube. His channel is a fantastic resource for information about productivity and habit building. Link to his channel.

This site is being created as part of a publishing course titled The Publication of Self in Everyday Life at Simon Fraser University. Link to the course site.

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